Sharon Otieno

Sharon’s baby to be buried at her grandfather’s home

Slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno’s foetus will be buried today, this is after the family realized of the high preservation cost involved.

The family decided to bury the foetus after realizing the cost of preserving it at the morgue is higher than that of an adult’s body.

The burial was to take place at Sharon’s grandfather’s home in Magare village, Homa Bay Town constituency, yesterday but it was postponed to today.

‘I have absolutely nothing to do with the cruel death of Sharon’Obado Strongly states as he sends his condolence message to the the family


The Homa Bay government requested the family to postpone the ceremony for a day. Sharon’s mother Melida Auma said,

“We realised the cost of preserving the foetus is higher so we decided to bury it.”The foetus will be ferried from Kirindo Hospital mortuary in Suba North. It will be buried before afternoon as local tradition dictates.”

Auma said the county government wanted the burial postponed to give it time to help with the funeral. Adding that she could not confirm Sharon’s burial date.

“Homa Bay Water executive Dickson Nyawinda requested us to postpone the burial to enable them to offer aid.”

Sharon’s murder might have been planned by close relatives of Obado and here is how they planned to eliminate her

Family lawyer and Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma said they will not bury Sharon’s body until those who killed her are arrested.

“We need justice in this matter. We will not bury Sharon.”

A lobby wants mobile phone service providers Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom to release communication logs between Sharon and suspects in her murder case.

Umilo wa Akamba, a human rights and empowerment group, through chairman James Kimeu, told the press in Nairobi this will speed up investigations.

The seven-month pregnant woman was found dead in Kodera Forest on September 5.

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