Sharon Otieno

Sharon Otieno rejected a house worth Sh 10million and demanded one worth Sh 35 million in Westlands from Okoth Obado before her gruesome murder.

Its been almost two weeks since the gruesome murder of second year student Sharon Otieno and her unborn baby but Kenyans are still in shock.
As new information emerges each day on what transpired before the body of Sharon was found in Kodera Forest it is clear that Obado and his family were in communication all along.

According to the governor, Sharon had sent a couple of text messages to him after last year’s election prompting him to invite her to Migori for a first meeting. However on that day, Obado was not able to see her as he had other engagements on county matters.

This move angered the late Sharon who sent a text to the County boss complaining about the bounced date and as the gentleman he is Obado apologized.

Migori Governor Okoth Obado

Later in the day, the county boss called to apologise and asked Sharon to reschedule a meeting to another day as he was to leave for Nairobi that evening. Coincidentally Sharon told Obado she wanted to ‘see him’ on her way to the city too, a development which led to the pair having their first meeting in Nairobi.

The next day, the two met at the Intercontinental Hotel for a drink. In Obado’s words, one thing led to another as the two began a romantic relationship. The Governor would then see Sharon regularly and most of their dates were either in Kisumu or Nairobi until one day she told the Governor of her pregnancy.

Obado recalled that in April during the Devolution Conference in Kakamega, he and other county bosses were booked at Acacia Hotel when Sharon travelled to Kisumu and checked in at Imperial hotel, in his name.

The Imperial hotel manager then called him saying ‘welcome your excellency to our hotel’ but he could not understand what he was talking about as he had already checked into the other hotel.

The manager then informed him that Sharon had checked in to ‘your usual room’. Late that evening, Sharon called the governor asking him to go to Imperial hotel. As he contemplated whether to go or not, he received a call from his wife Helen who inquired about his whereabouts. She then dropped a bombshell.
Hellen asked her husband whether he sure that he was at Acacia hotel but when he insisted that he was she demanded to know who Sharon Otieno was.

Okoth Obado admits Sharon Otieno’s pregnancy was his. ‘It is normal to have a moment of weakness’ he says

According to the statement, the Governor got confused and struggled to explain to his wife that there was no mischief involved and even asked her to come to Acacia.
The wife then warned Obado against going to Imperial saying if he dared, she would get the entire episode on camera as she had a team monitoring him. Scared by the warning, Obado called Sharon to say he can’t make it for the night since madam was around.

Okoth Obado with his wife and kids during a presser
Okoth Obado with his wife and kids during a presser

Ironically, Sharon was infuriated, Obado said and accused him of being with another woman and using madam’s name as an excuse.
Sharon told Obado that she knew where the wife was, telling him ‘every time I want to see you I first monitor madam’s movements’. He asked Sharon to plan and meet him later in Nairobi after the conference. Sharon, who had at this point not revealed to Obado that she had other children from previous relationships, wanted the Governor to move her to Nairobi.

The county boss linked her with an estate agent who found a Sh10 million apartment but she declined the house. She instead got another house in Westlands worth Sh35 million. Obado declined to buy the house and following further negotiations, Sharon said she was willing to settle for a Sh25 million house. This too, was declined.

This was in May this year. After this disagreement, the Governor then cut communication with Sharon and blocked her calls. Perhaps out of desperation, the student began sending texts to the governor’s close aides even family members.

Exposed! Here is the message Sharon Otieno wrote to Okoth Obado’s wife before her death

Okoth Obado with his son
Okoth Obado with his son

Obado told police at one time, Sharon sent a picture of her baby bump to his eldest son who upon inquiring what the picture was for, was told “I am carrying your brother, send it to your mother.” As the texts intensified, his wife one day called him and asked that they talk as a family.

She asked the governor to hand over his phones to his security so that they can have uninterrupted discussion. Having sensed the issue at hand, Obado spoke first.

He confessed to his wife about ‘that Sharon that you had warned me about sometime back’, who was now pregnant. The two later called their children and explained the same to them.
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