Sharon Mundia a.k.a This is Ess responds to lesbianism claims


TV Personality Sharon Mundia alias This is Ess has opened-up on lesbianism claims.

In a Question and answer session on her Instagram, a fan asked Sharon if she has ever had a romantic involvement with a woman.

She answered;

“I have never been in a romantic relationship with a woman. Do i think i could be? I don’t think so. If you would have asked me 20 years ago, i would be like ‘never’ now i don’t know. If i think of my significant other and what our future will be like, i think of a man next to me. But i think we should legalize it in Kenya. I wish people could be with and marry whoever they want to marry,” she said.

Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia

In addition, a fan asked if the Vlogger was married.

With numerous reports indicating that she broke up with Lonina Leteipan, Sharon could not deny or confirm whether she is married.

“I just don’t know if i can answer it. I really could be on my 6th marriage, I would never talk about it, ever. Although sometimes am not entirely sure if this would remain true for a long time. And i think about someone like Jada and Will and how beautiful they’ve been and being open with their marriage, and i think thats nice,” Said Sharon Mundia.

 Sharon Mundia

In the session, the mother of one also revealed that she is not ready to flaunt her daughter online because she has been a victim of cyber bullying and would not want her daughter to suffer the same.


Courtesy Fridah Naliaka Mpasho

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