Shameful! Kenyan Married Man DECLINES Romantic Advances Of a ‘Thirsty’ Lady Who Tries To Seduce Him (PHOTO)

In a world where cheating has become a ‘norm’, it’s easy to think that every man is a cheat and a womanizer.

This has made a lot of women think every man is a player and that no man can say no to a woman, especially if it’s a lady who has made the first move on the lad.

Gone are the days when ladies would wait for a man to approach them or make the first move.

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Nowadays, some girls have become very bold that when they see a man they like or are attracted to and he doesn’t approach them, they take it upon themselves to seduce the man.

But it looks like there are still nice and faithful men out there who don’t throw themselves at women who start flirting with them if a recent Whatsapp screenshot is anything to go by.

black couple flirt

The chat was leaked online, where a single lady by the name Esther approached a married man, asking him out for dinner but the man did not jump on the opportunity as some married men would.

The lady was left embarrassed after the man declined to go on a date with her, making it clear that he’s taken and busy by saying that he takes his wife out for dinner after picking his kids from school.

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She doesn’t give up there and asks the man for the second time, and this time round, she invites him to her house, and that’s when she gets a rude shock.

“Listen Mercy, I’m a married man. I love my wife and kids so much, I would never think of hurting them,” reiterates the man, and from the text, you can tell that he was super annoyed.

Check out the screenshots from the conversation below. Ladies, there’s still hope for good and caring men, who would never do anything to hurt their wives.





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