Jahmby Koikai

‘Shame on you’ Jahmby Koikai slams fake account holder using her name

Sadists take advantage even in the most dire of situations. Jahmby Koikai has hit back at one who has opened a fake account in her name.

This comes after Jahmby opened an account dubbed `1000forJahmby aimed at helping her collect funds to clear her bills as she recovers from Endometriosis.

She took to her Instagram page to warn her fans and followers about this fake account in this post

“This is A FAKE ACCOUNT, my official handle has no underscore. I have no idea why someone would want to be in this situation. Whoever you are just stop copy pasting and lifting pictures off my page. Help me report it tafadhali and beware of people sharing my content out there. This whole medical situation will come to an end soon.


I will overcome and get back on my feet. Kindly report this @jahmby_koikai impersonator. This was created 8 hours ago. Shame on the person who did this. Now they’ve gone ahead and made it private. We shall still report it. They have now changed the handle to @mummahjahmbykoikai”

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Jahmby is being treated for Endometriosis which she has been suffering from since her high school days, and as she comes to the end of her treatment, she reached out to Kenyans to help clear her medical bill.

She wrote

“Hey fam. It’s been an intense week for me. Extreme therapies that were quite tough for me mentally, emotionally and physically. So in my last post, one of the people we tagged for assistance reached out to us but due to the nature of their schedules, our messages as per their request went unanswered. Endometriosis is real. It’s ravaged me and I’ve fought this thing. I’m battling even though sometimes i break down. My support system has been great though and i thank God for all of them.

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I thank God for keeping me alive. I’m fighting this disease with all the might and power in me. I’ve come from far. I have 115,000 friends on my instagram page. I believe we can make this happen. 4,800 people who can assist me by donating 1,000bob and we hit the target which is Kshs.4.8million.Just a thought right? You can kindly donate whatever you have. Kindly help me finish strong.”

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