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Shalom nurse who let a woman deliver on the floor arrested – Photo

Edna Nyarangi, a nurse from Shalom Medical Hospital was arrested alongside  Thomas Ndolo, after a video of a woman giving birth on the floor went viral.

Ndolo the administrator was arretsed for hiring unqualified staff among them Edna.

The incident was exposed over the Easter weekend in a video recorded by a man who had taken his wife to the hospital.

According to the man, a woman in labour was brought into the hospital on a wheelchair and three nurses who were at the facility were notified that it was an emergency case, but they did not bother to attend to her.

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Mr. Ndolo was taken in for alleged negligence at the facility, while the nurse is a quack.

Edna Nyarangi
Edna Nyarangi and her colleagues appearing before the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists board.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans

@rhouzieosore Atleast good news after that bad ordeal let it be a lesson to this nurses .
If they can’t work let them go drink tea in their villages, nursing is a calling let those who decide to chose such a career know that u hv to hv passion for the Job . Wakakunywe chai vizuri sasa.

@mwemsjo :I have never heard an admitting hospital give such a flimsy excuse. I don’t even know what they were treating her for.

I sent her to Nairobi Women’s the following day. Blood tests and an x-ray revealed pneumonia. Very useless hospital. Funga Shalom.

@abdiweli04 :Arrest the nurses on duty plus the owner, lock them up and throw away the keys. They did the worst to a woman giving birth. Totally unacceptable.

This is not the first incidence of neglect in Kenyan hospitals.

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