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Why Xtian Dela hanging out with Shakila after their crazy interview is a big blunder

Xtian Dela and Shakila were the talk of the gossip pages last week after their highly controversial Instalive where the socialite revealed a lot about herself.

The whole interview was high-octane with Shakila showing many that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind about the interesting life choices that she had made.

But the thing that stood out for most was that she involved some famous male celebs in her stories claiming that she had slept with them.

She even accused Haramber Star’s captain Victor Wanyama of being one of her clients and that he had allegedly paid her Sh. 250k, who said that he would sue her.

Xtian was also drugged into the furor by some of the male celebs asking how he could allow the socialite to sully their names in such a fashion.

But it seems that Xtian and Shakila love reveling in the controversy. Why? The remnants of the storm that the interview created haven’t still ended but it seems that Xtian and Shakila don’t mind keeping it fresh in the publics’ minds.

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Yesterday, Dela posted an image of himself holding Shakila and from the photo, one could tell how much fun they were having.

Shakila herself even shared an intimate video of the two making crazy moves. Thereafter leaning in to plant a kiss on the blogger’s neck, with a suggestive caption: “Guess who touching this lil dingly tonight 🤭🤭🤭”

While the two might have been having the time of their lives, many Kenyans in the comment section were offended by the picture and video saying that they had been played.

In essence, Kenyans were doubtful about the veracity of the contents of the controversial interview considering how “close” Xtian and Shakila were with each other.

In my view, Xtian did a blunder with his move of hanging out with Shakila. It makes him look biased for one. It also makes one question his professionalism considering how many people called out Shakila for lying on the interview.

Forcing the discerning public to ask, “Does Xtian hanging out with Shakila endorse all the information she dished out?” Lastly, for the long-term, I think it tarnishes his image as a man who is in search of the truth despite his personal biases.

Xtian is a man who prides himself on doing expose’s that are normally well-researched and can be backed by some form of evidence.

I think this public dalliance with Shakila will really hurt that reputation with some speculating about whether he held the incendiary interview because he was personally invested in it and not out of professional objectivism.

But what do I know?

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