Shakilla finally speaks after Willy Paul accused her of breaking into her home

Teenage socialite Shakila really knows how to keep herself in the headlines. The lady who became famous for allegedly knowing famous people was in hot water yesterday after Willy Paul accused her of breaking into his home.

This was announced by the singer himself who claimed that the curvaceous Shakila had broken into his home under false pretenses.

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But Shakila who had allegedly been arrested has now come out to speak about the allegations. Using her IG stories, Shakila claimed that the singer had set her up and that she had fallen for his trap.

She alleged that his set-up was probably due to her revealing they had something going on the low. She at first wrote;

I’ve been set up not cool and i’ll be the bigger person here.

She went on to add that she had been released on cash bail after her lawyers intervened in the situation. She said that since Willy Paul had allegedly played her she would reveal all the dirty details.

“I’ve been released on bail and I have a story to tell….. A really interesting one that is lemme eat and spill the bitter tea…”

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Finishing by saying;

“Never felt wasted and cheated on like yesterday someone calling you comfortably in their premises which is so familiar to me and both of us know then boom set me up for trespassing. Like wtf???? I have so much to say just wait nun buh the truth.”

Who is telling the truth in this situation? All I can say is that this kerfuffle isn’t over.

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