Wueh! Shakilla talks dirty while praising Eric Omondi’s new muscular body

Shakilla really knows how to keep her name in the spotlight. The socialite has thrust herself back into it this week after her comment on comedian Eric Omondi’s new physique.

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The woman is taking her richnesses to levels hitherto unseen with her publicly thirsting for Eric on the interwebs. It seems that accusing famous men of sleeping with her wasn’t enough for her, she also went into Eddie Butita’s DM, which went poorly for her.

But now Eric is the new man that the curvaceous woman is looking at. In one of her recent posts on social media, the controversial celeb went all in flirting with Eric.

It happened after Eric had warned his followers online that they should hide their women from him as he was now slaying with his body.

I told you to hide them to avoid this many apologies…Hamskii. Leo naenda tao so msikubalie madem wenyu wakuje tao juu they cant help it and you cant blame them. JUST HIDE THEM!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

But who is Shakilla?! She decided to comment on his threat with the answer below; “Where exactly in town?”

And that wasn’t all! She went on to tell Eric that she had actually waiting for this moment; and now that she was almost there the socialite even described what needed, writing; “That is exactly what I want you to do…touch this lil dingily thing that swing in the back of my throat.”

Weh! Talk about bold!


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