I was drunk! Shakila finally apologises to Victor Wanyama

Shakila has become the trending socialite. The woman blazed onto the scene when she claimed that she had slept with a plethora of male celebs during an Instagram Live with controversial blogger X-tian Dela.

Most of the men she mentioned were incensed with her claims with Kenyan international football star Victor Wanyama even saying that he was going to sue her.

The 19-year-old has finally apologised to Wanyama, claiming she was under the influence of alcohol when she mentioned the footballer.

In an apology video she posted on social media, Shakila said,

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to victor wanyama and say sorry for the horrible things that I said about him. I’ve never met victor and neither has he paid me nor had sex with me. i was drunk at the time, foolish and excited being on x-tian’s live show. I apologise to his family and I’m sorry for any pain that I may have caused. I would like to take this opportunity to warn young people against the dangers of social media and the risk of being enticed into chasing fame.

Now will she apologise to Ringtone, who she also named?

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