This Is The SEXY Gym Instructor Enjoying Vera Sidika’s Juicy Thighs (PHOTOS)

By now you already know she is one of the lasses with the biggest bum bum in Kenya. Socialite, business woman, go-getter, Vera Sidika, is one lass that has gotten man thirsting after her bootylicious self.

Thanks to her gym instructor who ensures her booty is toned and firmed. He has career license to stare at her butt and ensure it is in good shape.

SCREENSHOTS! Leaked Conversation Of Vera Sidika And Her Mother


Every man wants to be with her and every lass wants to be like her. You’ve probably seen her flat stomach, that gets everyone  talking about, Well, one man identified by the name Mukabi is behind all that luscious torso.

Mukabi might have been spending almost half of his days with the irresistible socialite and video vixen to P-Units song You Guy. Since the video, Vera Sidika has graced our TV screens giving fellow socialites a run for their money.

“I Regret Getting My Boob Job!” Confesses Vera Sidika

I know y’all team mafisi feel you would get even a minute with the bleached socialite, but you will hate to know her sexy gym instructor, Mukabi has all the time he wants with her. I mean, he might be screaming gym and body toning instructions to her all day long!

Here are irresistible photos of Vera’s gym instructor;


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