Wendy Kemunto,FRank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga

‘Own your sexuality unapologetically,’ Wendy Kemunto advises ladies

The name Wendy Kemunto has been trending for the past few days after the courts found Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga guilty of raping her.

The two had been accused of raping Kenyan singer Wendy Kemunto repeatedly on her birthday on February 10th.

Kemunto took many by surprise in 2018 after shockingly revealing the harrowing ordeal.

Prosecution asks for 15 year jail sentence for 2 rugby players found guilty of rape

Rugby players found guilty
Rugby players found guilty

The prosecution team wants the two sentenced to 15 years imprisonment or even go as far as life imprisonment.

The 15 years imprisonment will be a lesson to the youth.
It is a high time rape is declared a national disaster.
It will send a message to the youth that it is not cool to take advantage of another because of gender.

In one of her social media posts, Kemunto asks women not to be afraid to own their sexuality.

What if women did a ‘sexual Brexit’ and took back control?” I am all for this!!! Haha
The female flower, the VAGINA is POWERFUL!! What’s more powerful is a woman who OWNS her sexuality UNAPOLOGETICALLY!! They say two things run the world 
Money & ….
Own it ladies 😎 
Strong enough to bear children then get back to business 💪🏾

Below are photos of Wendy


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