Robert Burale

‘Some kids are s#xually abused by people known to them during sleep overs BE VERY VIGILANT’ says Pastor Robert Burale

Rape is on the increase at an alarming rate ,sad as it may be friends ‘relatives and neighbors are the biggest predators of these heinous acts.

It is easy to over look such people given that we trust them but that is exactly what they want ,make us trust them and make us vulnerable.

A change in lifestyle has also contributed to this,Pastor Robert Burale took to his social media platform to warn parents against ‘sleep overs’ .

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He wrote;

“New Age Parenthood
Be very vigilant. Many new age parents will allow their children to go for sleep overs so that they can have “peace”. Well I got news for you. SOME of this sleep overs is where children engage in sex and other vices. Some are even sexually abused by people known to them. BE VERY VIGILANT. Some of The so called “leavers party” are sponsored by the devil himself.
Please stop burdening your parents in the village by taking your children there unless it’s absolutely necessary. They are yours. When you were making the babies and having fun while at it they were not there..Did you think you were pouring pulpy orange juice?
The Coach


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