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‘Sending me naughty videos won’t make you win,’ Kansime warns Kenyans

The host of East Africa Got Talent Anne Kansime has asked Kenyans to be professional when sending photos and videos showcasing their talent.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105 Kansime said,

We are looking for a variety of acts. Just think outside the box and do something that the other person cannot do.

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We have already done auditions in Mombasa, Uganda, Dar es Salaam and Kigali. We are looking to usher in new talent.

Kansime also advised Kenyans to be professional when sending videos of their talents.

We eliminated all excuses by allowing Kenyans to be able to send us a one minute video via WhatApp. And please put on some clothes and stop sending us pictures and videos of your private parts. This is not my M-Pesa number so do not send me any money either.

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Kansime adds that people should not assume friendship with her guarantees them an automatic win.

All we want to see is your talent. Don’t look for me because I am just a host and nothing you will do for me will make you win.

In conclusion, Kansime said,

If you want to lose be friends with me because they will think you cheated.

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