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Baraka zingine huezi ficha – Senator Omanga explains why she shows off her aSSets

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga is one of the most beloved of politicians on Instagram. While most Kenyan political leaders make Twitter their home, Mrs. Omanga has her loyal Instagram fans and followers.

On that platform, the nominated senator not only posts images of her blessed body but also engages with them answering their pointed questions.

This week, Millicent answered one of the most important questions of her life! (I kid!). And which question is that? One brave follower asked the senator why she loves flaunting what her mama gave her, despite being a respected leader and mother.

“Why do you always like showing your curvaceous body all the time in public giving men sleepless nights” asked the fan.

Mrs. Omanga didn’t shy away from the question responding, “Hehe Baraka zingine huezi ficha”. And if you thought that the courageous questions would end there, then you would be wrong!

Another fan asked Millicent whether she could start an affair with the legislator; Not a question a wish maybe if I could date you?

Omanga was quick to make it clear that she is taken: “Hehe mimi ni mali ya mwenyewe”. She also explained that she didn’t care what people thought about her especially as she is seen as marmite in Kenyan politics.

Reply “That doesn’t worry me, waongee watakavyo because whoever they talk about is not me, I know what I stand for and my vision is clear”.

Late last year, our very own Maina Kageni and Millicent caused a lot of tongues to wag after they posted an image together. The image caused a ruckus online with some suggesting that Maina was ‘thirsting’ for the senator’s worldly goods. But it turned out to be all fun.

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