Esther Passaris and Ken Okoth

Selling newspapers to eating from dustbins! All about MP Ken Okoth

Ken Okoth is loved and praised left right and center even in death. How much did you know about the humble beginnings and the life of the Ken?

Here are things you did not know about the Kibra MP Ken Okoth.

1. Ken was born and bred in Kibra

Kenneth Odhiambo Okoth was born at Kibra’s Kisumu Dogo (little Kisumu) in 1978, the fourth born of six children

2. He was raised by a single mother

His father abandoned the family early in his life, leaving his mother, Angelina to bring them up as a single mum.

3. He was a bright student

Okoth scored  613 out of 700 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)

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4. He is a Starehe Boys Alumni

He joined Starehe Boys Center to begin his high school life.

5. He first slept on a bed while in Form 1.

“It was at Starehe where I used a bed for the first time in my life, graduating from shared mats or mattresses spread on the floor. Oh, what a change it was for me!

6. He would sometimes eat from trash cans

Okoth said,

‘Prior to secondary school, I had not known a three meal diet. Eating from the trash bins was just normal.  I seldom went back home, choosing instead to remain at school studying and working.’

7. He sold newspapers

Ken Okoth revealed,

I went to The Nation newspapers where I had done voluntary work in the past and they allowed me to sell newspapers.

8. He founded Kibra Foundation or  ‘Watoto wa Kibra’ while still in Europe in 2006.

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