Check Out Local Celebrities Who Have Regained Their sexy Back After Weight Loss

Imagine dragging an overweight body up the stairs, tough right? That is one of the many reasons more and more local celebrities are losing weight. Most of our local celebrities carry a little extra weight thanks to their crazy schedules that dont allow them time to workout.

With all the weight loss comes a hot smoking body. Below are some of those new, hot, smashing bodies.

Kobi Kihara

This hot mama drops it like its hot when it comes to looking good. She owes no one an apology, although not as heavy to be considered over weight.  She has lost quite some weight and she is looking all hot for someone aged 35years .



Sheila Mwanyigha

With a body to die for and curves any woman would wish for, Sheila has gone to show us that we should not be afraid of change. The graceful TV personality has lost quite some weight and her curvaceous body as well, but she is still looking beautiful for her age.


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Neomi Nganga

The talented actress  known for her curvaceous body is very vocal when it comes to protecting plus size women. She recently opened a cloth line that caters for plus size women. Although she sells plus size clothing, she has lost a lot of weight and we must say she is looking good.



Famously known as”First Lady Of Hip Hop”, Nazizi has done quite a good job in transforming her image. Her sense of fashion has changed from the usual baggy t-shirts to more figure showing dresses. One could have never imagined that behind those boring t-shirts lies such beauty. Team mafisi kuleni kwa macho


Maureen Kunga

The talented singer from music group Elani seems to have had some new year resolutions to lose weight and girl she is rocking it. The beautiful singer has managed to maintain her beautiful curves even with her tremendous weight loss. She is proof that one does not have to be skinny to be beautiful. She’s got beauty and brains. Kubarikiwa nayo.


Anerlisa Mungai

Daughter to Keroche Industries CEO has stopped haters in their tracks by proving that being heavy weight doesn’t run in the genes. The beautiful Anerlisa has gone ahead to lose a lot of weight and is currently looking so hot that her haters and bullies have nothing to say. She seems proud of her achievements going by the fact that she has been keeping fans updated about her weightloss journey.


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