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See rare photos of Anne Waiguru’s stunning mother and siblings

Anne Waiguru’s immediate family is already at the wedding venue. Among them is her sister, mother and brother, Mureithi Michael.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Michael says he and the family are excited for the bold step their sister has taken.

We are very glad to be here its been a long journey .

It has been a long jouney and Anne is the one who follows me. My siblings and I are all here today.

We are happy that they have made this decision and they have our blessings as a family and we wish them the best.

Posh and class at Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s traditional wedding -Photos

Below is a rare photo of Waiguru’s sister

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See the day Anne Waiguru’s hubby saved a Kenyan man’s shaky marriage

Anne Waiguru's sister in spectacles
Anne Waiguru’s sister in spectacles

Miss World Kenya CEO attends Anne Waiguru’s wedding oozing pure class

The wedding is expected to be attended by a huge number of VIP guests, including politicians.

Waiganjo paid the bride price for Waiguru in Kiamungo village, Kirinyaga on February 16.

Waiguru warned that her marriage to Waiganjo should not be politicized.

She hinted that some people had started interfering in her private life with politics.

Anne was previously married and has kids from the marriage.

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