Security firm owner says George Muchai wanted extra security

A security firm proprietor has said slain Kabete MP George Muchai had approached her company for additional security prior to his death.

Director of Trimo Security and a Private Investigators, Jane Mugo, said Muchai had approached her company to provide him with advance security surveillance services in areas he visited.

Mugo said that the MP had also asked for three armed security officers from her company.

The deal however never materialised as the MP was shot dead on February 7 along Nairobi’s Kenyatta avenue.

Mugo who was speaking at Bahati children home in Kayole, Nairobi on Saturday during Valentine’s day, called on the Ministry of Education to introduce self defence training in schools as the country is faced with numerous security threats and crime.

“Security challenges cannot only be left to police but it’s the duty of everyone to make sure that he is a security to him or herself first. This can be strengthened if our children from the tender age in Primary to higher institutions of learning are taught skills of self defense like Karate and Taekwondo,” Mugo said.

Mugo is a former police officer said that if children especially those approaching adulthood have skills in self defense they can protect their families.

She said that her company as part of the corporate social responsibility is ready to partner with learning institutions to train pupils on security matters.

During the visit Mugo and her staff they donated food stuff and flowers to the 290 children at the home.


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