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I secretly got a vasectomy then my wife announced she’s pregnant

When a man decides to get a vasectomy to stop having children, shouldn’t he tell his wife?

The answer should be Yes, but one gentleman decided nah, he would rather keep his vasectomy secret. And now he is living to regret his action.

His wife announced she is pregnant and unfortunately he has to pretend to be happy to be a ‘new dad’.

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He confessed his story to Maina Kageni on Monday morning conversation, where the topic was about men taking DNA tests to find out the paternity of their children. He said

I took a vasectomy and two years down the line, my wife got pregnant. I’m raising a child who I know isn’t mine, but she isn’t aware I know this.

According to an article published this past weekend by Daily Nation, paternity testing data from DNA Testing Services reveals that at least 30% of Kenyan men who verify paternity discover they’re not the biological fathers of their children #MainaAndKingangi.

What’s worse is that the Government chemist estimates the number could be higher towards half of men who ask for DNA turn out not to be the fathers.

Father lifting son
Father lifting son

Most male callers said they would rather live life without knowing if they are the real fathers.

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Staniz Kanyi..#MainaAndKingangi, what you do know can’t kill. My friend why are you causing stomach upsets to your entire life with this hooligan test.

I can’t dare to be one. Kama mbaya acha ikae.

Ngugi Wathiong’o..
90% of ladies don’t get married to men they love. So they end up getting children from their side guys.

If DNA is free we men can’t go to look for diabetes and pressure diseases. Wacha tukae bila kujua

A father and his son playing out in the open
A father and his son playing out in the open

Incase I find out they are not my kids, I will marry 2nd wife immediately, but because I know the kids are innocent I will continue providing to them as their father


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