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‘All the women I’ve dated approached me first’ says Kibaki’s grand son

Sean Andrew shared an interesting story on his Instagram page, of how he had never made the first move with all the women he had been with.

Sean is Former president Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, he is also one of the few guys who has won the heart of Akothee’s daughter Rue.

Well he shared the juicy details of his relationships below:

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Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew’s Instagram post

This is not unusual considering that Sean is the complete package that most Kenyan ladies look for in a man.

Starting from his looks, height, fat paycheck and a great sense of fashion, you name it, he has it. Sean was responding to one of his fans who asked him how he feels when ladies make the first move?

“What’s your view on ladies who take it on themselves to make the first move on you?Like asking you out or DMing you?”

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew courtesy of Instagram

Sean Andrew seems to apply the phrase “money attracts money” and we can see through the type of ladies that he has dated.

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Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew courtesy of Instagram

Sean who is single and not searching has dated Kenyan YouTube star and model Elodie Zone but broke up with her in 2015, publicly on social media.

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