Sean Andrew

Sean Andrew – I don’t see myself being a father, a husband maybe but I don’t want kids

Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew has made a confession that will undoubtedly cause many ladies who were into the heartthrob to take a pause.

The man has announced to his fans on a Q and A that he doesn’t want to be a father after being questioned if he has plans to settle down any time soon.

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

In a Q&A session with his Instagram family, Andrew mentioned that he doesn’t see himself becoming a father or settling down to have kids.

“Have you ever thought of one day getting married and settling down?” Asked a curious fan.

Sean replied; “Yes I have thought of it, but I don’t see myself being a father, a husband maybe but I don’t want kids. Never have.”
I don’t date anymore.”

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

Another user asked; “Have you ever thought of dating a local girl with no fame?” He answered, “Although I don’t date anymore, I just have consensual fun. I will make this statement; I am not in the business of dating at the moment because that’s a long-term thing and I’m in the mindset for short term things for now,” said Sean Andrew.

Another user asked; “Have you ever felt like you don’t want to be in this world anymore”

Sean responded saying, “I have, Life is hard. But you dictate your fate, accept your situation but never settle with it. You Must understand, as I did Life isn’t easy but giving up on your life shouldn’t be an option there is always a way through.”

Sean Andrew

Sean also advised those going through depression not to give up, as there is always a way out in every difficult situation.

“Have you ever thought you were depressed and didn’t know who to talk to?” asked another curious fan.

“Yes, I am depressed but life goes on, I find ways to cope and be constructive with my life. Its something I have been working on getting through day by day.” he said.

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