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Sean Andrew- I’m a better father to pets than kids

Sean Andrew, grandson to Late president Mwai Kibaki has no interest in having kids of his own. In a recent interview, the influencer cum model said that he loves kids but is better off as an uncle than a father.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi, Andrew said;

“It is just a decision that came to me a long time. I think having children was not on my agenda. I think, I’ll leave a better legacy without children.”

Adding “I will be an awesome uncle, I like kids but I’ve never seen myself as a father.”

So, does he want to get married in the future?

“It is a commitment and a partnership so if I’m faced with that, I’d love to get married, I’d love to share my life with someone.”

“But I’m not looking for it, I mean, love should find you and you should build on it. “

On whether he has found love, Andrew said it comes once in a while but nothing stable.

Right now, not in a relationship. I’m enjoying my own time.”

He has been on dating apps before but has deactivated them as he is still mourning.

Check out the video interview below;

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