Screw driver: Why you should have this drink in your menu tonight!

Are you hearing this name for the first time and wondering what we are talking about?

Worry no more!

If you are a cocktail person, then this should be in your list tonight.

Screw driver is a drink that is so easy to make you could easily do it with your eyes closed (literally) and you wont screw up (see what i did there? No?  )

How you do it? Well, this drink is just a mixture of two drinks- Orange juice and Vodka, very easy right?



This only means that you do not necessarily have to go to restaurants to have this drink, you can actually make one yourself at your own comfort.

Let us give you a small history of the origin of this drink.

So decades ago, some American oil workers decided to take a break from their days’ work and decided to take a rest.

While on the break they decided to add vodka in their orange drink.

As they looked for something to stir their drink, well they could not find anything. What they used to stir was a screw driver.

The name screwdriver originated from events that happened that day.


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