School letter to parents about suspended daughter stealing mangoes goes viral

Matungulu Girls in Machakos is trending online. The school administration wrote a letter to suspended students parents asking them to refund stolen mangoes with 200 mangoes has been slammed by Kenyans online.

The letter instructing the parents how to return the mangoes elicited sharp reaction with many saying the school administration is taking things too far.

Matungulu Girls wanakaaa ni kama hawajui ni season ya maembe,,,sually,,,,sasa III ni punishment ya kupea mtu.. kweli?????

The girl has a share on that mango tree, assume you’re asking the girl,”what’s the name of your school”response…matungulu.
She saw them ripe, lazy and irresponsible teacher can’t see they are.

Student suspended from Matungulu Girls for stealing Mangoes. The Principal Mr Kariuki, orders that she returns with 200 pieces of mangoes and must clear all school fees first. What’s your thought on this?

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