I saw hurt in my mum’s face every time my dad cheated – Huddah

Huddah has for the first time opened up on how her mother was constantly cheated on adding that every time she looked at her she saw the pain in her eyes.

“When I was about 17 my mum would tell me how her husband is cheating on her and I’d see the hurt in her face and also the many fights they had.

That shit makes me wonder if those married women who f#ck married men are normal,Don’t you feel pity?”

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The screenshot is below:

Huddah screenshot

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Huddah does not believe that a married man who is broke should be cheating, much less sleeping with young girls. She wrote:

“I am of the opinion that a relationship between a married man and a young girl should be purely transactional.

Broke men should not get p#ssy outside their home,he clearly can’t feed his family.”

She went on to speak about those mistresses who have had kids with married men and how they were unhappy as a result.

Huddah screenshot

Huddah screenshot

Miss Monroe also made it clear that she does not date married men.

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