How to save money while going on holiday

When going on holiday, one of the biggest considerations that most people(yes, even rich people) think about is the cost. That is the smart thing to do for those who follow the mantra, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.

Some of those ways are below;


If you are booking at the last minute, bargain – especially when dealing with tour operators, travel agents and hotels as an empty room has no benefit for a businessman.

Pick your times

Go on holiday during the off-season when the prices are normally cheaper among operators.


Use price-comparison websites – with care

Price comparison websites seemingly offer nothing but benefits to consumers looking for the best rates on car hire, travel insurance and package holidays

Avoid unnecessary frills

There are some things that are considered extras on flights that are totally unnecessary, like priority boarding.

The Obama family enjoy lovely holiday in France

Weigh and measure your luggage

Be absolutely sure that you are below the size and weight restrictions imposed by the airline before you leave for the airport or you will be penalised.


Travel overnight

Traveling at night can save you the cost of a hotel, especially if you use the SGR.

Arrange your own excursions

Going sight-seeing while a bit risky is cheaper and much more fun as one gets to explore.


Plan your sightseeing geographically and you can save on all your bus, tube and taxi fares by just walking.

Don’t open the minibar

The drinks in the hotel mini-bar are normally very prohibitive cost-wise.


Drink free water

This is for those who have strong constitutions. Bottled water is becoming more and more expensive while the variance between it and tap water is very minimal if at all.

Take the basics

Take enough basic provisions to cover everyday needs so that you don’t have to buy expensive versions locally. Items often dearer than at home include salt, pepper, tea bags, washing powder, dishwasher tablets and bin bags.

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