Sauti Sol’s Bien Calls Visiting American Stars ‘Foreign Bullsh*t’! (SCREENSHOT)

He is known for making his opinions known. Loudly. Whether it is popular or not, he doesn’t care. He has said his piece and that is that.

I’m talking about Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza.

A while back he lectured a blogger for writing an opinion piece alluding to the fact that Polycarp Onyango is a not a productive member of the all male group.

Bien did not spare his bundles, he wrote  long winding post calling the writer, a “stupid journalist”.

Now, he wants to make his feelings known about the visiting RNB mega stars, SWV and Blackstreet.

Chek out their arrival video.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Bien insulted Kenyan fans of the Ol’skul acts and in the same fell swoop, called the American artistes “Foreign bullsh*t” and all round “trash”.

He wrote in his post,

“Kenyans are such superstars,. We make foreign songs bigger here than they are in their countries of origin,” adding clapping emojis, “Happy dustbin for foreign bulsh*t day. Hope you smell the trash soon.”
Bien Aime Baraza Sauti Sol

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