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Sauti Sol drops anticipated new single ‘Insecure’

Radio Africa has officially launched award-winning band Sauti Sol’s new single ‘Insecure.

As promised, Classic 105 officially launched their new song, Insecure on Friday May 22nd and fans are loving it as seen in the comment section because the story behind it is relatable to many.

The track oscillates between the perspectives of two lovers, each dealing with their respective insecurities.

Fusing Swahili into the melodic song’s lyrics and bridge, Sauti Sol addresses the anxieties of letting your guard down for the person you love. Rather than a dour outlook and tempo, lines like ‘before we crash and burn, I hope we see the light,’ are celebratory of what can be achieved when two lovers are considerate of each other’s feelings.

The song was inspired by general discussions that the band has in – between studio sessions and shooting.

“We were just chilling and decided to share around the table what insecurities we all had’  Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers said

Speaking on behalf of Sauti Sol, Chimano said that the aim of the song is to encourage people to attack their insecurities.

Everyone is insecure about something in their lives. The song encourages one to consciously attack their insecurities rather than conceal them

Classic 105 launched the song to ensure that we walk together with Sauti Sol on their musical journey so that their fans across the world receive this music from the comfort of their homes now that concerts are on hold.

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For now let us enjoy this amazing tune as we wait for the release of their album, The Midnight Train on the 5th of June.

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