Saumu Mbuvi dumped her unfaithful baby daddy Lamu Senator Loitiptip



Former Nairobi Governor Mik Sonko’s daughter Saumu is no longer with her baby daddy Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Saumu revealed in an Instagram QnA that the two were done. Saumu and her politician lover are parents to a baby girl.

The two back in 2019 were rumored to be dating. She said the two were bests friend before they officially started dating.

They first met in Mombasa while Saumu was on holiday and Senator Anwar was there for work.

They then became friends and later close confidants as Anwar encouraged her to start some development and empowerment projects.

“I appreciate him because he’s my support system. He always advises me not to entertain negativity,” Saumu said then.

saumu pregers


Back in January this year, she spoke about her man cheating on her with a socialite called Aeedah Bambi.She reacted

“Ata akue na sister ya Bambi, iko nini? It is 2021. I do not care guys. Guys do not stress yourself on small things. Depression is real and it is taking people out. I cannot waste my time on small things. This life I cannot kill myself ooh!

Do not worry. Do not stress yourself. It is 2021. I am not stressed about anything and if it is there let it be.  Sina pressure this is 2021. Even if they are together it is okay.” Saumu said

And so confessing she had dumped the Senator boyfriend Saumu told many curious fans that they were done on February 16th.

Saumu Feb 16th 2021
Saumu Feb 16th 2021
Saumu Feb 16th 2021
Saumu Feb 16th 2021
Saumu Feb 16th 2021
Saumu Feb 16th 2021

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