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Saudi Arabian woman arrested for attending football match

A woman who was arrested for attending a football match in Saudi Arabia disguised as a man has claimed she did not know the stadium was for male fans only.

The female spectator covered her hair in a hat and wore a black and white football stand as she sat in the away section of the new al-Jawhara stadium in the Red Sea city of Jiddah.

However, she was reportedly spotted by security staff at Friday night’s game between home side al-Ittihad and Riyadh’s al-Shabab and arrested for ‘impersonating’ a man.

A video posted on YouTube, which has since been removed, appeared to show the woman sitting by herself among some empty seats in a section reserved for visiting fans.

A man nearby appears to be looking intently at the woman, who also sported sunglasses with her scarf in al-Shabab’s black and white colours for the match, which the team won 1-0.

The arrested woman, whose name has not been made public, said she bought a ticket online without any problems, and according to the state-linked Okaz newspaper, did not know women were prohibited from going to the male-only stadiums.


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