Have you ever heard me discuss your sexuality – Sarah Kabu warns Edgar Obare

Media blogger and YouTuber Edgar Obare is one of the least popular celebs in Kenya at the moment. And no, not with average Kenyans but with his fellow celebs.

The man is on everyone’s lips at the moment after his expose’ on Kabi Wa Jesus that the singer has since denied saying that people were trying to tarnish his name.

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And it seems that Edgar’s ability to offend knows no bounds as the MD for Bonfire Adventures, Sarah Kabu has warned him after he tagged her on his Instagram page while posting the “tea” on the Kabi’s.

The reason that he tagged her was that Kabu was being criticised for being part of the people sponsoring the Wa Jesus family despite their recent drama where Kabi was accused of being a deadbeat father.

Sarah took issue with that and didn’t take lightly to being mentioned on Edgar’s Instagram stories and told him to desist from mentioning her name anywhere.

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This is what Sarah Kabu allegedly sent Obare:

”Polite request, let’s respect each other, please do not post my photos, videos or mention my name on your page. I know that is how you gain clout to earn a living but know that I do not tolerate nonsense in the name of clout. Have you ever heard me discuss about your sexuality or spouses on my page? Let’s respect each other boss,” she said.

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But who is Edgar, the man isn’t easily intimidated? The “Teamaster” took an old rusty picture of Kabu and posted it on his Instagram stories and then took a screenshot of the message that the travel agency owner had sent him.

This isn’t the first celeb that Obare has pissed off in the recent past. Natalie Tewa is another, who took him to court after he shared personal images of her on his Instagram pages.

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