Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande reveals she quit drinking alcohol at the age of 36 years

Singer Sanaipei Tande says she quit drinking in 2019 and that changed her life completely.

Speaking in an Instagram live interview, the ‘Simama Imara’ hitmaker said that after that major decision, she felt like she would have done it like ten years ago.

‘I think that one of the major changes that I made and everything changed with that one decision is that in 2019 I made a conscious decision to stop taking alcohol and so a lot changed with that one decision.’

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Sanaipei added that she does not regret anything since every experience happens so it can shape our future.

‘I felt that I was treated in all my 36 years. I was like why didn’t I stop like ten years ago, but you know everything happens at the time it is supposed to happen.

You have Those experiences so that they can better inform your future.

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