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I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE NOW! Maina’s dream girl Sanaipei says as she turns 36

Revered musician Sanaipei Tande has always been Maina Kageni’s celebrity crush so much so that he even begged her to have his baby.

One can see why Mr. Kageni has always been so enamoured with the pretty singer and she turned 36-years-old recently.

The dark-skinned beauty shared a post on her Instagram page that revealed how blessed she was to be alive. The “Wangu” singer noted there was nothing wrong with growing old, describing it as a “gift”.

Sanaipei unlike most women who are afraid to state their age, boldly declared that she had turned 36 and was “super grateful”.

“A lot of the times people don’t want to embrace age but I am super grateful for my 36 years today and pray for many more years of life plus all the changes that come with growing older,” she wrote.

She added she was living her best life at the moment and truly blessed, adding that living and learning is a beautiful thing. The thespian also thanked those that wished her a happy birthday.

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She added;

“It’s beautiful to live and learn and I can most certainly say I am living my best life now! I am truly blessed. Thank you for the birthday wishes!” Sanaipei added.

Earlier this year Maina asked the singer why she had refused to get his baby back in 2007, a fact that still gets his goat.

“She is glowing, so voluptuous anakaa poa, why did you refuse to have my baby? I gave you a proposition in 2007. I was ready to be giving you half a million shillings a month, a house kwanza a house in Lavington and anything you wanted. Do you even know my mum had told me that if I get a child she will give me that house of hers in Lavington?”

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