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Samidoh tells Karen Nyamu why he apologized after calling him a ‘softie’


Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh says he felt the need to apologize after having a relationship with politician Karen Nyamu.

He has been in a ten year marriage with his wife Edith and have sired two kids. He and Nyamu are also blessed with a son, Sam Junior.

The Mugithi singer told Churchill that he had informed his wife before the public knew that he had a child while still married to Edith

Before the story came out, it was already known in our family. It is something that had disturbed me and for a certain reason, those things were posted.


I knew my wife when I was in high school. We started our friendship from there. I went for training and she went to Nakuru, after my graduation, we started a family.

He went on to narrate why he apologized;

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I gave my statement and decided not to dwell on it. There were people who were against my statement saying I was wrong to have apologized. But to me, sins do not stop becoming sins when you do them.

Makosa itaishi kua makosa hata nani akiifanya. I have to own up my mistakes.

Samidoh says his wife has been an important pillar in his life especially in prayer.

Fans knew that the singer was Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy after she posted a video of him holding their son. Nyamu explained that she wanted the singer to acknowledge their son as his.

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