Samidoh ignores Karen Nyamu in a US interview and praises his wife

Mugiithi singer Samidoh is making massive moves with his US performances.
His recent show was in Birmingham.
Speaking in an interview with Kikuyu Diaspora Media, Samidoh spoke about different topics around his life and music.
Jeremy Damaris asked him about his experience so far in the US and the type of people he is meeting there.
“I was so surprised after landing since I expected the airport to be in a city. In my first show, I had anxiety that fans would fail to attend but it was full to capacity.”

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Samidoh Muchoki
Samidoh Muchoki

He referred to his first show as an all tribes Kenya Mugiithi tour.
“The show had all Kenyans in regards to the tribe and they are generous to me.”
Damaris further asked the singer how he is managing to stay away from groupies as his wife is back home.
He said although there are beautiful women there, he is not gonna get trapped.
“You don’t dump yourself in every place you go. Self-discipline must be applied.”
Speaking about his family back home, Samidoh said he is in touch with his kids.
“I talk to my kids. My daughter is in a boarding school but she tells the teacher she wants to talk to me. They call me often times. My wife is my prayer warrior.”
Asked about how many kids he has, he said kids are not counted.

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