‘Samaki Mkunje angali mbichi’, Zari has taught Tiffah how to be a great woman (Video)

Princess Tiffah Dangote is among the most popular celebrity children we have come to know in East Africa. She is 5 years but so far many people know her thanks to the celebrity parents. Tiffah is the first daughter of Diamond and Zari Hassan even though they are no longer together.

She has over one million followers on her Instagram page

She joined school school this year and well, a recent video of her playing the role of a big sister to her brother  excited her followers who credit her mother Zari for raising her in the right way.

Diamond Platnumz' daughter Princess Tiffah
Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Princess Tiffah

Little TIFFAH Is All Grown: See How Diamond Platnumz’s Daughter Speaks Good English (VIDEO)

Check out the comments;

toroitichlucy…@zarithebosslady I will use South African airlines next time so that I can catch up with you I need this motherhood lesson my darling you are a super woman I love you zari you are my one and only role model 😘🤣😂 people should clean their mess nice mama see you just said hei hei and Nillan started behaving himself 😂🤣 voice of a strong mother

simanyally63..Zari Mungu akulinde na familia yako daima wewe ni mama wa kuigwa sana watoto wako wanatia hamasa kuzidi kuwaangalia jinsi unavyowafundisha. Big Up mamaa tee.

caljosv …Tiffah atakuwa anapenda kazi sana mungu amujaliye akuwe ivo ivo.

agenesmgomba…Respect to Mama Tee, endelea kukuza wanao ktk maadil yanayo mpendeza Mungu, na amin Mungu atakulipia kupitia watoto wako. Achana na hawa wanao ixhia kuliwa midenda in the same room, the same bed and the same dick.

cute_superwoman..nikiwa mkubwa nataka niwe kama wew mama tee

igogomilly…Mafunzo mazuri Hongera mama Tifah






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