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“He said he would beat us if we told any person about it,” Sisters reveal repeated defilement by uncle

Two young sisters from Mariakani, Kilifi, have allegedly been repeatedly defiled by a man they have always known as their uncle.

Their mother yesterday dismissed claims she was about to accept a bribe to kill the case. She said she is keen on seeking justice for her daughters.

She said the first defilement occurred in November last year, but the girls only disclosed their ordeal on September 19.

She said the suspect is not her relative, though she had informed the daughters that he was their uncle. He committed the crime at her house whenever she was away, the mother said.

The man is in his late 20s. He worked at a garage near the family’s house. Police are investigating and searching for the man.

The eldest girl, 12,told the Star the suspect forced himself upon her once. “He said he would beat us if we told any person about it,” she said.

“That day he forced himself on me and covered my mouth so I could not scream.” Her sister is aged nine.

The mother said it was not the first incident according to information she received from neighbours.

The firstborn child said she was given Sh50 on September 18 when she was defiled.

The mother told Muslims for Human Rights rapid response officer Francis Auma and assistant field officer Sabina Kaugi that the suspect tried to bribe her not to pursue the case, but she refused.

“I was so pained and couldn’t even open my eyes to see how much it was. I chased him out of my house. I did not accept the money,” she said. The man attacked her, she said.

Mariakani police station where the defilement case was reported, October 20, 2018./ ERNEST CORNEL.Mariakani police station where the defilement case was reported, October 20, 2018./ ERNEST CORNEL.

The mother accused police of cover-up. Contacted for comment, Mariakani police station boss Irungu Mwangi said he could only speak to the mother.

But Mariakani police division chief Kennedy Onsando said the mother was ready to accept the cash.

“It was my informer who reported the case to the police station, not the mother. That’s when I instructed my officers to act and the plan was aborted,” he said.

Onsando said a medical report from Mariakani District Hospital showed the older girl had been raped but did not say how many times.

The mother dismissed claims she wanted to accept the bribe. She gave the OB number, OB41/20/9/2018, as a proof she reported to police.

One person aware of the case said the suspect was ready to part with Sh50,000.

Auma and Kaugi want police to arrest the suspect.

“He has been roaming free for the last three weeks. If police wanted him arrested, they would have done that a long time ago,” Auma said.

He said the act could not have been consensual because the victims are children. “The law protects such children from this cruel act. It will only be just if the offender is punished,” Auma said.

The mother said two Somali elders approached her to end the case “without police interference”, but she refused. She said the suspect worked for the two men.

Efforts by the Star to get comment from the garage owners were unsuccessful.

Police division chief Onsando said they are hunting for the suspect.

“He won’t escape justice. The Sexual Offences Act says where there is an allegation of defilement, the perpetrators must be arrested,” he said.



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