Why I said, I have AIDs, Wema Sepetu comes out clear after losing weight

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has cleare the air on why she has lost so much weight.

Early this month, fans speculated that she might be sick.

In one post, a fan asked her if she had Hiv Aids and she responded;

“I have HIV/AIDS.”


Well, speaking to journalists at a press conference, Sepetu said she wrote that out of anger and that she didn’t have any ailment.

“I am very fit, I do not have any disease. The body I have right now is the body that I have loved. People started knowing me while I was petite then added weight and when that happened, people spoke a lot.

Fans sometimes make us angry. So I read a comment that angered me and I was agitated. At the end of the day,  I’m a human being, I have feelings.

If you want to diss me, it’s okay as long as I am happy,” she said.

She added that just like fans were used to her previous weight, they will still get used to this one too.

Sepetu is currently at 65kgs. Her previous weight was 109 kg meaning she lost 44kgs.

In 2006, when she won the Miss Tanzania title, she was at 59kgs. To get to that weight, Sepetu says she used different methods among them starving herself.

“I used a lot of things. I was desperate because my weight was also affecting my career. I took medicine, I starved myself, I have dieted for about a year and some months”

Here is how she looked before;

wema sepetu



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