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Safaricom Terminates Contract with Kenya Rugby Union

Safaricom has finally terminated its sponsorship contract with the Kenya Rugby Union due to lack to transparency. According to the communications company CEO Bob Collymore, the union has been rocked with wrangles dating back to last year during the safaricom sevens and they have not shown interest in solving the issues.

“Rugby has got a number of issues and they are well publicized, the Rugby officials have not engaged us to address those issues and now we have made our commitments to Athletics Kenya, so it will not be rugby this year” Said Collymore.

“We have not seen any willingness to get those issues resolved, I also have to tell you we had behavior issues and I cannot have an abusive relationship with the people that I sponsor” He stated.

The latest move come days after newly elected chairman Richard Omwela vowed to clean the mess at the Union but Collymore says the whole issues is not about the chairman but some Board members.

“It’s not just about the chairman, Richard Omwela is a nice guy, we have worked with him before, Mwangi Muthee was also a nice guy too and we had worked with him before, it’s not just about the chairman, it’s about the whole board, we are not happy with the behavior and attitude of some of these guys, so we can keep our shareholders money and they keep their sport” Collymore stated.

The two parties severed ties last year after the annual safaricom sevens with a KRU board member accused of abusing a senior official at Safaricom, a move which did not go down well with Collymore. Efforts to solve the wrangles failed as KRU wrangles hit rock bottom with the then Chairman Mwangi Muthee resigning as well as three other KRU directors.

The termination of contracts means the communication company will not be involved in any KRU sevens series as well as the Safari Sevens. However Collymore appeared to suggest they could come back if the Union solved their wrangles.

“We never say no right? What we are saying at the moment is we are not happy with the situation, it’s a democratic sport, they determine who goes to the Board it’s not about the chairman, we are in April and I haven’t heard the level of transparency and clarity around some of the accusations, I will not have members of my staff abused by the people we should be working with” He said.

KRU chairman Richard Omwela  could not be reached for comment in regards to the latest move by safaricom.

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