Sad Woman Narrates Heartbreaking Story Of Watching Her Mum Burn Alive

If you have never gone through any challenges in life, always thank God. Do not take life for granted. There are millions of people in this world battling with various diseases, poverty, some are being tormented by evil spirits and even others left orphaned and widowed with no one to run to for help.

Always praise and thank your maker for the good life you have.

One womans story of being sexually assaulted multiple times, resulting in three children at the tender age of 15, and  watching as her own mother was burnt to death, plus the trauma of being forced into prostitution in Norway, will make you cry.

Suicidal thoughts a constant, poisonous companion, read the heartbreaking story of Lucy Atim Hansen originally from Uganda who recently gave a testimony about her past life difficulties at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), founded by prophet TB Joshua.

“What brought me to SCOAN was suicidal thoughts and different sorts of pain.

This started when I was a little girl. I was about 2 and a half years old. We were 4 in total in my family including my parents. I remember one evening, my mother came back from work and found my dad reading the newspaper while i and my younger sister and I were playing. She went straight to the kitchen.

From the kitchen, she came through the corridor with a gallon of paraffin. I ran after her and she told me ‘go play with your sister’. I did as she said and she went towards her bedroom. A few minutes later, I saw smoke coming from the corridor leading to my parent’s bedroom. I rushed to my dad and told him that there was smoke in the house but as a child, he didn’t take me seriously and told me to go back and play with my baby sister that ‘your mum was coming soon’

The next thing I heard was a scream that I can never forget. I was such a little girl and I had never heard anyone scream like that before.

The fire was spreading so fast and the fire brigade came to help contain the fire and one of our neighbours carried my sister and I and the biggest mistake she did was stood with us at the scene just to see what was happening.

My mother was saved from the burning house and she didn’t have any skin left but was alive.

Lucy Atim

She kept screaming, calling my dad’s name telling him to take care of us in case she couldn’t make it.

‘John if I don’t make it, take care of my kids.’

She was taken to the hospital, and a few days later she was no more. Lucy went ahead to narrate how life changed completely after her mother’s death and barely 8 months later, her dad re-married and things became worse.

“Life became harder and it wasn’t only her, that I suffered the rejection and abuse from but the whole family rejected us as if the death of our mother was our fault.”

At 8-years-old, Atim could not take it anymore and ran away from home and luckily, she landed at a missionary centre where she started working as a dish washer to earn a living. Two years later, her baby sister died.

“My dad never cared. I had been accused of each and everything – that I was a thief, A KILLER, I was the ugly one. There’s no name in this world that I didn’t get called. this made me grow up thinking that I was the ugliest child in the world.”

Lucy Atim


“With that rejection, I moved on. I never went home again. And from there, I started my own life by working hard. I had children after being raped many times.

I was only four-years-old and I was raped by a grown up man for the first time. I could NOT tell anybody about it. I lived in pain and I moved in it.

Things were becoming so hard and one day, her aunt visited Uganda with her husband from Norway and he was willing to adopt her.

On moving to Norway, Lucy’s life changed and she was enrolled in school. Then a few months later, her aunt divorced her husband and she had to go with her.

“My aunt would go out and come back accompanied with a ‘guest. That ‘guest’ was a terrible experience for me. I would be sent to ‘serve’ that person whether I wanted it or not,’ narrated the teary woman.

Lucy Atim

Lucy had gone through hell in life and God finally, heard her cries.

“Among those men who came to me, there was a man who God helped me through. He paid for my apartment for two years. And this is where I finished my hair dressing course and she started working.”

After a few years, a man (the one who paid her rent) she had met through a neighbour got interested in her and asked for her hand in marriage. Although she was still a bit scared and hurting from her past life experiences, she decided to go ahead and accept his proposal.

“I said ‘Okay but I don’t know if your family will accept me because I am dark skinned’. he said, ‘If they love me, they will love you and if they don’t love me, they will reject you. And if they reject you, they reject me too.”

The mother of four, who has now been married for 16 years, revealed that she got her first three children before the age of 15.

“At 13 years old, I had my first child; a boy. At 14 years old, I had another baby. At the age of 15, I was already a mother of three children.”

Lucy’s story left congregants at the SCOAN sobbing uncontrollably. Atim also revealed how she started smoking at the age of 10. She was a chain smoker and could smoke more than 40 cigarettes a day.

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