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Sad Tale! ‘I Don’t Know How I Can Raise These Kids Alone,’ Widower Cries

A New Zealand mother has tragically died just two weeks after giving birth to her third child.

Arlene Padawang-Cosme suffered a brain aneurysm after delivering daughter Grayan Claire last month. She was found collapsed on the floor at home and rushed to hospital.

She spent her final weeks lying in a coma in Auckland Hospital, where her family gathered around, singing and showering the 37-year-old with love.

An image shared to a GiveALittle page set up by the local community shows Grayan being baptised next to her mother’s hospital bed, as Arlene remained in a coma.

‘Grayan was so settled and comfy beside her mum’s side,’ a caption to the image read.

On the same day, a video was also shared to the page, showing Rayan Come, Arlene’s husband, serenading his wife with The King by Garth Brooks

Playing an acoustic guitar as he sang, Rayan was seen looking on at his wife as another woman held her leg. In the background, somebody is heard sniffling.

In the caption, it is revealed the song is one Arlene and Rayan would sing together to their children.

On Tuesday, the page was updated with a final, heart-wrenching message.

‘With deep grief, we are so sad to announce the passing of our dear sister Arlene,’ it read.

‘She is now in peace with the Lord Almighty.

‘Thank you so much for the love and prayers you shared with us.

‘May God Bless you all.’

Arlene has left behind her husband and three daughters; Gracee, 10, Ayene, 5, and baby Grayan, who is just 17 days old.

Speaking with The New Zealand Herald earlier this month, Rayan tearfully admitted only a miracle could have saved his wife’s life.

Confronted with the enormous task that he now faces, he told the paper: ‘I don’t know how I can raise these kids alone’.

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