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Sad: Janet Mbugua’s niece rushed to hospital after sustaining burns

Ms Momanyi sister-in-law to Janet has been keeping a low profile for a while and she finally took to her social media to narrate why she had been off.

Her post read,

Well hello everyone. First of all, I am okay.

Thanks for all the DMs asking if I’m cool. It’s always good to take some time out. And to be honest, I’m very busy at work.😁
Now, all has been well.

But got to share something. Mid last week, I got an accident in the house.

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In her post, she went on to explain how her child got burned with hot water and had to rush her to hospital.

Ms. Momanyi. who is married to Janet Mbugua’s husband’s brother who is also a twin, went on to share how distraught she is by the whole ordeal was.

Her post continued to read,


I know when something happens to someone’s baby, guys are always like….how? I am so ‘routine and rule based’ that when I got a call from work that Miss. K had got burnt with hot water….. I was like….WHAT! Yes, this happened.🤦‍♀️😞

I can’t give all the details. I will take 5 minutes sometime this week and do a quick Vlog. (And that’s the other thing….are Vlogs really for me…I just don’t have time, anyway….we will deal with that later)

It was an accident, but it was a careless oversight from my Nanny. 😓But guess what, as I sat in hospital….everyone was shaking about what will happen when I go back home.


He is so cuute! Janet Mbugua’s baby finally revealed

However as she sat at the hospital waiting for her child, as people may know her,, when she is angry , people may tend not to get near her but she was clam as she waited.

This she says as she continues to pen down her narration on what transpired;


Anyone who knows me, it’s not good to be around me when I’m angry. Guess what, I was calm…I didn’t even cause.

I just said….I hope this is a lesson. Wacha I’ll get time to say the full story, this small script won’t bring out the picture.🤷🏽‍♀️

Will share my lessons….but the biggest I have learnt as a mum…Accidents happen, but it can be also with YOU as the mum.

I thank God, baby is okay and healing well. You want to know how kids are resilient…..see a baby with burn marks running around and living her best play life 🤣.

Her nanny loves her and I saw how much it broke her heart and she was clear on the negligence on her part.
For today, mummies, I’m back!


As she penned down the last words she asked other mothers to share their experiences on accidents that have happened to them, the precautions and lessons they learned.

The post continued to read;

Please share some common accidents that have happened or you’ve heard from other mummies. What first aid did you do and precautions you put in place plus lessons.

By the way after 2 classes for first aid, no one had an idea (including myself) of what to do when it happened🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

You forget. It’s like Lamaze classes…..who remembers those things when in labour pain and pushing!!! When you see the Vlog, youll understand why this whole story would have ended badly.

But We thank and God and We cover our kids in prayer🙏🙏
Talk to me💚



Other mothers who had had accidents went ahead to comment saying;


consolatamakori: My 2 year old niece got burnt last year in November. She was in the kitchen with her mum who was vooking ndengu in stove. In one minute she slid and the boiling food poured while she was still on the floor. She had 70 % burns. Unfortunately we lost her after 4 days. Accidents happen

shawn_mary254: My niece got burnt with hot water too at the age of 8months instead of the baby to cry i screamed as if someone had died, our neighbor who was a nurse did the first aid,(mafuta ya bunduki)

ninette_bilha: We last year spent 1 week in hospital because of a tea burn .I was also calm beyond my expectations what helped me is writting a gratitude journal through the days ,even her calling me mommy after her trauma was something to be greatful about.that week and the dressing visits were the hardest but we pulled through

annitahkem: Thank God you controlled your emotions. Accidents happen and kids are very slippery too. Mine got burnt while under my watch despite me watching his every move.Quick recovery to Miss K. Waiting for the V log



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