Ruthless: A Human Head Found Dumped In a Ngong Town Market, Investigations Underway

Police are investigating an incident in which a human head was found dumped in a market in Ngong Town.

The body without a torso was found wrapped in a paper bag and efforts to get those behind it are ongoing.

Police say they are yet to identify the man and locate the torso but efforts to investigate the incident have been launched.

The head was moved to the mortuary as investigations continue. The incident disrupted business at the busy market last evening before police arrived there to pick it up.

Heartless! Thugs Shoot a Woman Before Stealing Thousands Of Shillings From Her M-Pesa Shop

In other news, two suspected thugs have this morning shot dead in Pangani area in a botched robbery and weapons found on them.

The men had tried to rob a woman of her belongings when an alarm was raised. This attracted police attention who chased and shot them dead.

Witnesses said the same gang had earlier hit and injured a guard of a premise in the area in an attempt to gain entry there in vain.

Police say they recovered a pistol from the men after the 5 am the incident. The bodies were moved to the mortuary.

Youth In Crime: Six MINORS Arraigned In Court After Being Suspected To Be Members Of Gaza Gang In Murang’a

Cases of armed robberies have been fluctuating with police responding with lethal force.

In Majengo slums, a man was found dead in his house in an apparent suicide incident. The man’s body was hanging from the roof of his house and it is not clear if he was killed or committed suicide.

The body was moved to the mortuary as a probe was launched into the incident.









-Cyrus Okwema

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