Ruth Matete’s dad reveals how tough it is dating women in their 40’s

Ruth Matete’s dad Abel Amunga recently opened up about his personal life and specifically about marriage.

Speaking to Buzz Central on YouTube, the father of one said he was heartbroken when his baby mama eloped with another man, and his wife left after five years in marriage.

“What I went through after my high school sweetheart got married to another man really hurt me. The second time, when my wife left me. I was hurt and left with ugly scars. I promised my daughter I would not remarry and she will never have a step-parent. When she was of age, I got into another relationship that broke me.  It has become a cycle. I think I am scared. I keep wondering if I will get the right partner to give me what I want.”

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Amunga, now 58 years says he hopes to settle down with a woman but it has not been easy.

He revealed that dating women in their 40s and 50s is hard.
“Age complicates dating. At my age, I date women who are in their 40s and trust me,  at that age, they are complicated since they believe life starts at that age. However, I am hoping to find my mate. I believe God has someone for me,” he said.

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