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Rules to ensure that your marriage survives in an open relationship

Open relationships is not a new thing, it’s just that it’s now being highlighted in public, and social media.

Don’t just agree to go into an open relationship with your partner before setting your own terms. Who wants to get caught up in God knows what?

An open relationship is one which two partners agree to enter into intimate relationships with others, while still together.

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Below are rules to follow

  • Set Emotional Boundaries

Even though people say they don’t think they’ll get jealous, they often do!! Just stating facts. Navigating the emotional guidelines can be even trickier than the physical ones.

Be free to state what you want of your other. No one wants a heartbreak coming their way.

  • Discuss how much time you will spend with other partners.

Well, you want to get to know your other partner well or intimately but remember you also need time for both of you to keep your spark ignited.

One key thing to agree on is whether you’ll each be actively or passively exploring other relationships.

  • Be specific on whom you both hooking up with.

Despite it being an open relationship, it doesn’t necessary mean you are allowed to be with just anyone. Make sure your partner is aware and comfortable of whom you choose.

There are certain people one might feel more or less jealous or threatened by thus, good to discuss with your partner and know their preferences.

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  • Set your se3ual boundaries.

It’s better to talk these things through in advance rather than risking a partner’s surprise hurt or disappointment after the fact.”

Narrow down into detail, if it’s ok to be intimate or not. And if it’s ok to engage intimately, talk of safe measures and contraceptives.

Don’t shy off, that might be your breaking or making up factor.


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  • Decide how you will be talking on your relationship status between each other & others.

What to note; Will you tell each other about outside hookups at all? And if so, how much detail will you share? There’s likely going to be some element of trial and error here.

You might find that hearing that your partner was just with someone else makes you angry or makes you want to hear more.

After agreeing among the two of you, set records straight on what to tell others.


People judge a lot as others don’t just understand.

  • Proper communication & Transparency

This should be the ground rule with your significant other if you are totally in the open relationship game.

Don’t let them hear rumors on whom you are hooking up with or what you been doing without informing them.

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