Rules every Kenyan sponsor must follow


If you’re thinking of being a sugar baby, there are strict rules to follow.

‘Young girls have plenty of male friends so avoid being jealous – and  don’t be an a**hole to her friends,’ Mr Darren Chan a dating site expert has said.

‘Do not flirt with her girlfriends, avoid lying about the things that you cannot provide and avoid being a cheapskate.’

The businessman – who launched Sugarbook in 2017 after he saw an opening in the ‘sugaring’ market – said there’s one thing that turns older men off: ‘Lies’.

Etiquette of a sugar daddy

1. Be well groomed

2. Willing to impart knowledge and experiences

3. Respectful to her friends and family

4. Be generous with spending on her allowance or daily lifestyle

5. Be extremely generous with money

Mr Chan said he also wanted to break the stigma surrounding ‘sugar dating’.

‘The stigma is actually crafted by the society fuelled by the lack of understanding and empathy,’ he explained.

‘Men are attracted to beauty and women reserves the rights to use their womanly wiles to get what she wants.

‘As we move forward, we’re in a better position to address these misconceptions by educating the public that these couples are consenting adults.

‘There’s nothing wrong with an older man dating a younger woman – and it is perfectly legal.’

Girls, here are things to avoid if you want to date a sponsor

  • Don’t be flaky or a ‘no show’
  • Never lie to a sugar daddy
  • Never underestimate a man’s intelligence
  • Avoid being whiny or clingy


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