‘It ruins your self esteem’ Grace Msalame talks on her journey with fibroids

As we mark World Fibroids Awareness Month, media personality Grace Msalame has opened up about her journey with fibroids.

Grace, who is a mother of two, says that she ignored her body even when she knew something was not right.

My fibroid showed 2 years ago so the doctor suggested we just ignore it. He said it would disappear and sure enough it did.

Last year I started having heavy bleeding which lasted for 7-8 days and I would have painful cramps.

I knew something was wrong but I was afraid of going to the doctor because I was afraid of him confirming the worst.

When I went to the doctor, he found my fibroid had grown to 7 cm -10cm and there were little ones surrounding it.

Grace Msalame

Grace adds

I went through open surgery immediately.

I have been through CS before and I thought I would not have had an easy time snapping back to health.

But I think that is the toughest journey I have come out of. I don’t know if it is because I am older.

It was a journey and it affects your esteem. After the surgery it takes time to get back to your former body.


Grace says that at some point people assumed she had fibroids because her uterus was ’empty’ .

This is because her twins are 8 and she has no other kids.

In conclusion she says

They were removed and all we are doing now is to pray and hope that they don’t reoccur as the only solution to fibroids is to have the uterus removed (Hysterectomy).

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