ROSES ARE RED… Here’s Proof That Larry Asego And Mimmy Khamis Are Both Lovers Of Love (PHOTOS)

Top radio presenters Larry Asego and Mimmy Khamis are not just workmates but have been friends way before the female radio host joined the Classic 105 family.

Mimmy Khamis is the only female radio host at Classic 105 Kenya and is currently hosting the mid-morning show where she entertains her listeners with music from back in the day while interacting with them in the warmest way.

Her simplicity and humble nature make her very admirable and loveable, with a natural chocolate-complexion beauty that is hard to find with an eloquent and unique presentation voice.


On the other hand, Larry Asego is one of the funny guys with his partner in crime, Nick Odhiambo, who make your evenings on Larry, Nick and Friends show worth it with rib-cracking humor to ease the rush hour moment for the listeners.

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Other than being a respected radio personality in Kenya, Larry Asego is also a professional photographer and during his free time, he likes to work out in the gym or take boxing sessions once in a while.

During a recent interview that I had with Mimmy Khamis, she revealed something we didn’t know about her and Larry Asego. Apparently, they were in the same primary school, in fact, they were deskmates who were pretty close friends.

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Which explains why I started by saying that they are friends from way back in the day and after meeting at Classic 105 when Mimmy came aboard, they kept the friendship going.


The radio presenters have such a good rapport to the point that they at times come to the office wearing matching outfits. This time round, they unknowingly coordinated with the colour of love, red!

The coincidence was too much and the two couldn’t help but share the photos. Larry shared the lovely pic with this caption; “With my favorite colleague @iammimmykhamis”.

Mimmy put the photo with; “iammimmykhamis#whenyouthinkinthesamecolor 😄😄😄😄😘😘😘.” Check out the sweet photos of Mimmy Khamis and Larry color matching below.






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