Rose Muhando

I was a staunch Muslim before I converted – Rose Muhando

Gospel singer Rose Muhando’s recent interview with Wasafi Media this week has revealed so much that we didn’t know previously about the controversial musician.

Muhando divulged that she was a staunch Muslim. She said that she went through tough periods, and sadly that the person she hoped would be a help in her life turned out to be the cause of her issues.

I was held hostage by a church elder for years – Rose Muhando

While answering a question on something that happened to her that almost made her stop believing in God, the singer disclosed that she was raised in a Muslim home and had grounded values.

“My father raised me well and with values as a Muslim girl. And he was someone who really held on to his religious values. So even when I converted to Christianity, I was not that shocked because I already knew God. Again, both religions really have similar values like the ten commandments,” she explained.

The mother of three also revealed she was a big fan of the late Michael Jackson and his music.

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